Judd Cunningham

BappMgt Finance, Accounting


Judd started Axess Finance, previously known as Virgin Finance, in 1999. The company was known for vehicle finance, personal loans, mortgages and general small business cash flow finance. In the last three years the company has also moved into debtor and working capital finance, plant and equipment finance and commercial property finance.

Judd understands the need for businesses to have more options for growth capital. He realised debt is not a bad thing for business as long as its for the right asset and can be obtained at the best possible interest rate the market has to offer. Along with lending his own funds, he realised that linking up with major lenders in all of the categories of business finance was very important. Judd's main role at Axess is to make sure our lenders panel understands our clients needs for funding, therefore making sure Axess clients make the best possible application in timely fashion to obtain the best lend at the best rates.

Judd is Christchurch born and bred and has been in his own business for over 13 years.

David Soper

BappMgt Accounting


David started at Axess Finance in 2015 after completing a Bachelor of Applied Management Accounting. David has an understanding of business practices and the important role that finance plays in the world today. This understanding gives David the ability to assist in any finance application.

Focusing on personal finance and property finance since joining the Axess Finance team has given David the experience and expertise required to add benefit to all clients that he assists.