Review your financial and personal circumstances before compiling a custom loan application Each lender has different rates and lending criteria. Sourcing the required documentation for your application we then find the most competitive interest rates and the terms that best suit you by searching through a range on lenders. This gives us the ability of being able to approach more than one lender without having to file multi-application forms. Saving you the time and effort required in going from bank to bank to seek the right mortgage and advice.

Advice on KiwiSaver entitlement

We help you achieve your KiwiSaver entitlements (Housing New Zealand’s HomeStart grant and KiwiSaver funds) for your first home. Removing the stress out of receiving your KiwiSaver and government assistance entitlement.

Appointment times to suit you

We can accommodate appointments during the day or in the evenings, in our office or the comfort of your own home. Our service is flexible and catered to meet your needs.

Keep you informed

During the whole process we will ensure you are constantly updated and have an understanding of what’s going on. No question will go unanswered.

Professional team

We will ensure your best interest is protected. We can communicate with all other professionals involved in the home purchase process (lawyers, banks, real estate agents, valuers, accountants, council, building firms and property inspectors).

Save you money

Shaving years off your mortgage by reducing interest costs. Through easy to follow and understand programmes we can show you how to save thousands or even tens of thousands on your mortgage.

Re-fixing and refinancing

It’s important that your mortgage is structured to best suit your current and future needs. Therefore through regular reviews we will ensure this by negotiating with banks and lenders to get you the best possible rates and fixed terms that best suit you going forward.